Diligent Leaders

The journey of life requires people to stand up and lead in situations that are tough, challenging and also rewarding. Hard work is a hallmark of a great leader and diligence is modelled with every high caliber leader. 

Here are some points to being a diligent leader.

Diligent leaders:

  1. Genuinely care for the people they lead. They know what’s important to you, your future and your family.
  2. Roll up their sleeves. They understand that hard work culture is demonstrated. Offering to do a task with a follower goes a long way.
  3. Relentlessly explain the “Why”. Knowing if a heart catches the why, the what comes more naturally.
  4. Example the how. They don’t just explain but demonstrate the method and allow freedom to innovate. 
  5. Demand more of themselves than they do of others. They are committed to living at a higher standard
  6. Identify and mediate problems. Not shying away from tough and uncomfortable situations. They are determined to answer confronting questions with grace, strength and humility.
  7. Ask what’s in this for others. They aim to lift the lives of those around them. 
  8. Have a determination to get things done. Don’t put things off until ‘one day when’. Ask why not me? Why not now?
  9. Release others into the calling on their life. Have honest and open conversations about the future and build toward it.
  10. Expects nothing but gives everything. They understand the power of sacrifice and hold a generous spirit.

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