Lazy Leaders

Lazy Leaders

The following is a collection of thoughts around actions and attitudes of a lazy leader. If you find something that is consistent with your behaviours, join the club! 

I have seen, learnt and exampled many of these over my 25 years in leadership and ministry. 

It’s time to correct them. It’s time to be better.

Lazy Leaders:

  1. Dump their responsibilities onto others. Delegation is always done with respect and compassion.
  2. Ask what’s in this for me rather than how can I build someone else. The more we build others we build ourselves.
  3. Overstate their importance. You are never to big to do something small.
  4. Overstep their authority. ”Demanding” leaders often mistreat and misuse the people they are charged with building.
  5. Always tell, but never help. The example of leadership is worth far more than the sound of it.
  6. Dictate how and when things are done. Freedom is a leadership tool well worth exploring.
  7. Demand more of others than they do of themselves. If they ”have to” so should you.
  8. Walk past problems expecting that someone else will fix it. A natural bent to correct things is exampled, not annunciated.
  9. Use vulnerable people’s time for their own gain. A good leader respects time of the people they lead, especially volunteers.
  10. Ignore genuine but uncomfortable questions. A strong leader is comfortable with confrontation
  11. Arrogantly pass the buck. A leader takes responsibility for losses and passes on credit for success.
  12. Look down on others. No one is beneath your kindness and dignity.
  13. Hide. Confrontation is natural, embrace it and practice.
  14. Have a can’t be bothered attitude. If you can’t be bothered why shouldn’t anyone else?
  15. Put things in the too hard basket. Have a not right now basket instead.
  16. Say “I deserve this”. Entitlement leads to disgruntled followers.
  17. Take advantage of the organisation they belong to and others around them. Act with honour and set yourself apart.
  18. Expects everything but gives nothing. A generous leader grows through their generosity. So do the people who follow.
  19. Don’t develop others and consistently take over because they can “do it better myself”. Micromanagement is just plain ugly and doesn’t reap the fruit you want.
  20. Easily distracted (by more appealing things). Be faithful in the little, not just faithful to the much.
  21. Looks for the easiest way, not the best way. Sometimes the best way is the easiest way, but shirking hard work is never the best way.
  22. Accepts things the way they are. Refusing to change brings no fruit. Always believe that it can be better.
  23. Allows poor effort. Poor results are acceptable if the effort is high, poor effort should be condemned regardless of the result.
  24. Fails to organise themselves. A good structure and routine builds effectiveness. A poor one brings fruitlessness and frustration.

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